It is a complete fallacy that boxes are only used for mailing letters. Custom mailer boxes can convey various goods, including clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics, and give away items and gifts. Custom mailer boxes with distinctive styling and designs can be important for brand representation and will set your company apart from competitors.

These custom Mailer Boxes require strong, high-quality wrapping to protect the contents and enhance their appeal. Because of this, Ideal Custom Boxes is here to provide you with the greatest services possible, along with a packaging experience you won't soon forget.

Premium-quality mailer box packaging

Any material's worth is largely influenced by its quality. Thus, The best materials are used in our packaging because we want to give your goods the highest security and protection from outside dangers. You can choose from various material alternatives to create your custom printed mailer boxes exactly how you want them. To get the best custom mailer box printing service with guaranteed top quality and originality, you need to give us a briefing on your ideas and specs.

Purchase Boxes for All Product Categories

ICB uses the most sophisticated technology to create mailer boxes for all products. Electronics, food, cosmetics, furniture, and pottery are just a few examples of heavy and light things for which you can find printed mailer boxes. Utilize these boxes confidently as they can withstand shipping damage and hold much weight.

Large selection of sizes and shapes

Thanks to ICB, you can have sizes and shapes that are customizable. Hence, We design the mailer boxes with flawless fitting and color edge perfection with complete customization, allowing you to design the custom printed mailer boxes from scratch under your preferences and needs.

No End to Customization Astonishing Add-Ons

Design and aesthetics can draw buyers' attention to your custom mailer boxes. As a result, ICB allows its clients to draw customers' attention to their custom mailer boxes. The following extras are available through the bespoke mailer box printing service:

Gold/silver foiling for a beautiful touch

Die-cutting for an eye-catching appearance is beneficial, and Spot UV is interesting for complete protection from harmful sun rays. Mesmerizing embossing and debossing for a distinctive 3D view

Additionally, you can select glossy or matte lamination for a finished appearance.

Free Design Support From Our Professional Designers

We at ICB can assist you in creating custom mailer boxes with our talented designers, who will ensure that you are included in the list of the most reliable companies! So, Without charging you extra, our graphic design professionals will assist you in conceptualizing and coming up with stunning designs for your bespoke mailer boxes.

Wholesale Packaging Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

Who doesn't want high-caliber products at affordable prices? Cheap custom mailer boxes are crucial for businesses to attract customers and protect their priceless goods. We provide premium custom mailer boxes at incredibly reasonable costs. These opulent custom mailer boxes will also aid in setting your goods apart from other businesses offerings and boost your marketing sales to an all-time high.

Sustainable Mailer Boxes

Certain packing materials have serious negative effects on the environment. Therefore, to do your part in protecting the environment, we advise using our recycled and eco-friendly Custom Mailer Boxes. Hence, We please our customers with our excellent customer service and premium mailer boxes. Get in touch with us through our customer care, and we'll see that you receive what you need.

Custom mailer box coating options

We provide a wide range of coating options to get the ideal finish on your pink mailer boxes.


For things that are not light-sensitive, matte finishes are perfect. They work well for giving an object a higher-end polish as well.


Gloss coatings are suitable for things that need moisture protection or are sensitive to light. Thus, They also add a beautiful touch to your mailer box.


Coatings that are satin instead of glossy provide a glass-like appearance. They are excellent for adding texture and setting a formal tone.

According to the Demands and Requirements of the Customer, Mailer Packaging Boxes

The best structural material for creating the product's packing boxes can be chosen after a thorough evaluation of the packaging for that product. Thus, The developing items in various building materials are the Mailer Packaging Boxes. It makes it feasible to meet client demands in the best way possible. Due to its creative design, our customers adore the quality of our Custom Mailer Boxes.

In the production process, cardboard sheets that have two layers are employed. They come in various shapes and sizes that work best for them. Hence, We recommend larger size sheets for packing requirements for large and heavy products. The sheets are firm as a result. They hold the product perfect for a long time.

Advertising using New Style Custom Mailer Packaging Boxes That Work

Any time is a good time to build your own Custom Mailer Packaging Boxes. Thus, This is all up to you. Your chosen shape, size, and desired design also instruct your seller on the type of material to use. Custom box advertising can be an excellent marketing strategy for providing excellent customer service. When customers receive a custom design box for the first time, it makes them feel good about your business. Hence, This can be accomplished by including a catchy brand name, eye-catching colors, and a straightforward message that will appeal to your target audience.

Free Delivery To The USA And Canada

There is a free shipping option available for every order. We have kept shipping free for consumers in any part of the United States and Canada, so there is no need to worry. If you don't want to spend much money, you can buy custom mailer boxes in small numbers starting at 100.

Please email us or call our helpdesk to get your custom mailer boxes at the lowest prices available. However, If you have any queries or issues, contact our attentive and responsive customer care team through live chat, which is open around the clock.